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Rental Cooling Towers have become a very valuable resource. We supply a modular cooling tower solution that is safe, easy to install, and is one that can scale up or down based on need. The two most common uses of rental towers are for augmentation and repair or rebuild.

An augmentation application is when a permanent tower is having trouble providing adequate cooling to the plant during the heat of the summer. In this scenario, rental towers can be brought in to provide an additional cell of cooling to get through the hottest part. Setting up the towers is simple and can be done with very little support from the end user.

Rental towers are used during repairs to replace the cell of cooling tower that has been taken out of service for work. In this case, the water is diverted to the rental tower and then returned to the basin for recirculate. This common use allows cooling tower work to be done all year around, not just in the winter months.

Rental towers can be used in the following applications:

  • Planned Cooling Tower Repairs
  • Cooling Tower Augmentation
  • Contingency Planning
  • Emergency Response
  • Heat Exchanger Cooling

Rental Tower Overview from David Spotts on Vimeo.

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