30 Years of Client Work

Midwest Cooling Tower Services, LLC. was founded October 26, 1984 by Daniel A. Wiltz, Sr. and built on a founding principle that states, “The success of our business will depend not only on production and sales, but how safely each job is performed.” We still live by that motto on a daily basis.

Today this business is operated by his two sons, Daniel A. Wiltz, Jr. and Paul E. Wiltz, P.E. We have seen outstanding growth over the past 10 years and we continue to expand the capabilities of the business so we can offer greater value to our clients. We believe that to properly address a client’s needs, you must understand what it it like to be in the client’s shoes. That said, we are thinking like process engineers and maintenance and reliability people and letting that point of view guide our decisions.

The establishment and maintenance of a safe environment is the shared responsibility of the employer and employees at all levels of the organization. To this end, we are making every reasonable effort to promote a safety culture in our business to achieve the goal of 100% accident prevention and health preservation.

We have a program in place for timely reporting, investigating, analyzing, documentation and follow-up on safety, health and near misses. We have not had a single OSHA recordable in 32 years. Midwest Cooling Tower Services, LLC. has worked with various types of industry, and is ready to provide the complete cooling tower service you need.

Visit our Services page to take a look at all we can offer you. If you have any questions, contact us and we will be happy to provide your company with the exceptional service you deserve.

The best part though, is that we are still in our growing phase. The business opportunity for a company with our level of expertise and customer focus is enormous. We have growth plans that exceed everything we have done to date. As a result, we are continually seeking top people to help us grow this business. Learn more about career opportunities here.