New Year, New Sales Tactics

New Year’s Day; the day many individuals designate as their new start date. They set New Year’s Resolutions aiming to incorporate new and good things into their plans for a successful life. They try different and better ways to meet goals that have eluded them in previous years. Most jump in with grand hopes but little or no preparation for achieving, let alone maintaining their well-intentioned, non-specific resolutions.

According to Forbes:

The statistics on how many people actually follow through and accomplish their New Year’s resolutions are rather grim. Studies have shown that less than 25% of people actually stay committed to their resolutions after just 30 days, and only 8% accomplish them.

How does this relate to Sales? Along with New Year’s Day comes your new business goals and quotas. This is the time for sales individuals to designate their “New Business Resolutions” and a plan-of-action to achieve them.  

The most common sales objective is to develop new business. A strong, successful sales career is dependent on new clientele development. However, attracting and attaining new clients is reliant on comprehensive preparation for sales calls. Successful tactics are the foundation of your sales growth, because, once implemented, they will attract and attain new business.

Target a strong, successful career with three helpful tactics: Pre-call Planning, Research, and Determination.

Pre-call Planning

Spend a minimum of 10% time searching out prospects and studying them.  Before ever calling, know them; know accolades and  aspirations.

  • Identify Key players
  • Identify likely desires and struggles
  • Match key players to appropriate obstacles and solutions

Research: Uncovering Pain

Find out how they are situated in the industry and where they want to be.  Know exactly how to assist them, find unrecognized issues, unseen opportunities, and alternative solutions.  Know what to provide, how, and when. Know strengths and limitations. A customer must have a compelling reason to change.

  • SOS Sheets
  • Sales competition
  • Professional Associations
  • Sales Toolbox
  • Build rapport and understand their pain points


Determine to practice these new tactics every day. 

  • Set specific quantity of qualified prospects to research (Ex: I will find one new qualified prospect by…)
  • Set specific deadlines for completion of Pre-call planning & research per prospect (Ex: I will know prospect by…)
  • Set date for Sales call and keep the appointment with your goal (Ex: I will call prospect to set a meeting on…) 

In time, the side effects of practicing these tactics will generate the desired results; new business and better relationships! Pre-call Planning inspires confidence, research produces knowledge, and determination fosters fortitude.

Adopt and apply these new tactics this New Year for a successful sales year!