We deal with the hassle of cooling towers so you don’t have to.

As you probably don’t know, cooling towers are one of the key pieces of equipment keeping the world going at this very moment.

It’s true — like electricity, steam and control room donuts, cooling towers provide a key utility that industrial plants and refineries around the world use to stay online and in full production.

As a result of the importance of cooling towers, you would expect companies to create carefully crafted plans, give extensive thought and lots of time and energy toward properly managing this key piece of equipment. In most cases, you would be wrong! In fact, cooling towers are often completely neglected and looked on with disdain. Many see them as a hassle to work with and generally gross to be around. Much like a toilet, cooling towers remain in the background and are rarely discussed — until there is problem.

Then, things get serious. Quickly.

And, as anyone who has been there knows, nothing good happens when you allow things to get serious. Midwest Cooling Tower Services exists to help clients prevent the serious situations — whether it’s a mechanical equipment failure, poor thermal performance or in the worst case, a structural collapse.

The decision to work with a trusted, cooling tower engineering and consulting company like Midwest Cooling Tower Services is a smart move that will result in you not having to deal with cooling tower issues. Why? Because that’s what we do — we deal with them. We perform planned preventative maintenance to ensure the cooling towers work properly. We help you write and present cooling tower work plans. We advise you on the best way to schedule and plan needed repairs. We utilize our own temporary cooling tower modules when they best serve your needs. We understand that you just want your cooling towers to work — and we make that happen. In the Midwest Cooling Tower equation, notice that it’s all we and very little you.

At heart, we are a different sort of cooling tower repair company.

“In short, Midwest Cooling Tower Services is an engineering-driven repair company run by engineers making the right decisions for the customer with the goal of building long term relationships that last into the future,” said Paul Wiltz, vice president of Midwest Cooling Tower Services. “We focus on high-quality domestic materials and work across the Gulf Coast with the largest refineries and chemical plants in the industry.”

The bottom line: we deal with the hassle of working with cooling towers. Because of our efforts, our clients reduce risk and increase reliability. At Midwest Cooling Tower Services, we have been providing this service for more than 30 years to some of the largest companies in the world. We have logged thousands of hours doing challenging cooling tower work on very tight schedules. We keep many critical spare parts in stock at all times in an effort to prevent any of our clients from experiencing cooling tower downtime. We proactively assess and advise our clients of their specific cooling tower pitfalls before they happen, avoiding the seriousness that happens when things are left unmanaged.

However, sometimes things do go bad — and when that happens, we are there to help. We clean up the mess and work with clients to create new and improved plans to move forward and prevent further problems.

“We work to make the right decisions for and with our clients whether it’s during the planning process or in crisis mode. Our goal is to build relationships — not one-time purchases,” Wiltz said. “We focus on doing the right thing versus trying to create the biggest job possible.”

At Midwest, the primary goal is to get the client back into production as quickly as possible without further delays.
When it comes to cooling towers, whether it’s new construction, reconstruction/repair or parts and components — at Midwest Cooling Tower Services, that’s what we live and breathe.

“Our clients can tell you we don’t just talk the talk,” said Wiltz. “We walk the walk.”