Using Rental Towers with Planned Cooling Tower Repairs

MWCTS Rentals

One of the most common uses of rental cooling towers is to aid in planned repairs of existing counterflow and crossflow cooling towers. In many instances, planned repairs for cooling towers start during a planned turnaround. Ideally, the turnaround time period is lengthy enough to complete all desired inspections or repairs and the permanent tower is ready to go when the plant or unit comes back online.

More commonly though, the turnaround time period is not sufficient to complete all the needed work. When this happens, rental cooling towers can be installed next to the permanent tower to act as a replacement “cell” while the repairs or inspections are completed. The installation is simple and can be done in less than 5 days in most instances. The power requirements are relatively low and the flexibility of location is high. Having tie in points identified and installed prior to the start of work is key to a smooth transition and can greatly reduce risk of the project and increase the reliability of the facility.

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