Experience a More Reliable Cooling Tower Solution

When the need for a temporary cooling tower becomes apparent or even critical, the most important factor to consider should be the reliability of the equipment provided. No other aspect of the project matters if the fleet used in the solution isn’t reliable. This belief is the foundation of the Midwest Cooling Tower Rental division.

When rental cooling tower fleet isn’t reliable, many negative factors come into play. The problems require the time and attention of operators and maintenance staff to assess and communicate the problems. The problems then require technicians to come on site and work to fix the problem. This is less than ideal and creates a working scenario that is more stressed with a greater likelihood of an injury. Not to mention the production impact of downtime.

Midwest has changed the rental cooling tower game. We offer the most reliable temporary cooling tower solution in the industry, without question. Our fleet is both new and meticulously maintained which allows us to achieve reliability ratings previously unseen in this industry. Combine that with our use of remote monitoring and we have the ability to address equipment issues BEFORE they are problems.

The net result to our clients is a cooling tower rental experience that is without incident, without calls, and without downtime. Even though we are a friendly team, clients enjoy being able to trust in our solution and experience the many benefits of simply having a consistent, reliable temporary cooling tower solution.